Destination: Madrona [Updated]

A collector’s tour of three high-style boutiques.

By Laura Cassidy April 22, 2011 Published in the May 2011 issue of Seattle Met

Good Neighbors: Gem-studded jewelry from Hitchcock Madrona and designer accessories from Driftwood are staged inside Guesthouse’s earthy, elegant design shop.

Image: André Mora

YOU MIGHT TAKE the name literally. Guesthouse (1135 34th Ave, 206-462-1351;, the decor studio in Madrona, would make a stylish home base for any day-tripper.

[Update: Guesthouse is no longer located in Madrona.]

Kate Link, Guesthouse’s shopkeeper, offers custom-upholstered seating, fan coral sourced from some foreign sea, and curtain tiebacks made from cowboy boot spurs. Cross the street to Natalie Anderson’s Driftwood consignment shop (1130 34th Ave, 206-941-6828; for gently used Marc Jacobs tops. Then stroll south to Hitchcock Madrona (1406 34th Ave, 206-838-7173; to pick up a silk-wrapped necklace from Erica Sheehan and Dustin Nelson’s forward-thinking accessories boutique before returning to Link’s makeshift 
pied-à-terre to play with your finds.

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