Trunk Show: Vim Beget at Blackbird

Seattle designer Billy Bartels shows his world-sourced metal accessories in Ballard. There will be tarot readings, too.

By Laura Cassidy March 17, 2011

Seattle designer Billy Bartels shows his line Vim Beget at Blackbird in Ballard on March 24 between 7 and 10.

Where: Blackbird Ballard

What: First, there’s this: Tarot card readings. (I do like a fashion event that comes complete with my future.) And cocktails. And, a collection of leather goods and jewelry by Seattle designer Billy Bartels from his line Vim Beget.

Bartels works with hand-coiled, hand-wired metals from Germany, Japan, and other locales to create abstract, unisex prime real estate necklaces, double-wrap bracelets, uncommon rings, and wallets that seem to reference medieval chain mail armor and postmodern goth while also registering as fairly low-key and totally wearable.

Men have never had a clear path when it comes to accessorizing outside the tie-watch-pocket-square realm, but lines like Vim Beget shine a moody light on some of the best routes (handmade, dark, relatively simple, tough but not falsely so). In fact, forget what I said about “unisex;” women have endless options.

This one is for the guy’s.

When: Thursday, March 24 from 7 to 10

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