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Good Stock Wants Your Wedding Photographs

Seattle gals — one recently featured in our Real Weddings pages — create handmade keepsake wedding albums of your big day story.

By Laura Cassidy March 23, 2011


When we decided to run Emma Close and Merritt Hess’s wedding in the current issue of Seattle Met Bride & Groom, I didn’t know that the bride was part of Seattle’s Good Stock Press and Bindery, a local outfit that’s all about using your wedding photos to create an epic, keep-forever opus.

(Actually they do sweet baby books, family histories, and other custom-order tomes, too, but that’s for someone else’s blog.)

Having discovered it, I wanted to pass the contact along. Friends of friends and all that, right?

I asked the Good Stock gals to answer some questions, and they smartly provided some images of what makes their work, well, their work, too. You’ll find those in the slideshow here.

WWW: Why should couples consider commissioning Good Stock instead of an online service like
GOOD STOCK: Because we’ll do all the design for you! It’s overwhelming enough for couples to narrow down the images they want to use in for their book, let alone do all the design layout, too. We will take design direction from a couple, or just use the wedding images for direction, so the book looks and feels consistent with the wedding. We figure each couple has put so much thought into their wedding details that we try to make the book just feel like an extension of the day. We’ll also offer advice on which images are best, if the couple is having trouble deciding.

Another key difference to our service is that we love to incorporate special elements from a wedding into the book&8212;vows, speeches, invitations, engagement story, newspaper announcements, etc. We think they make the book so much more special. And finally, because all our books are handmade we can source unique fabric colors, ribbons for bookmarks, and stamping options. This gives each book a unique, one-of-a-kind feel, as opposed to a mass-produced feel.

WWW: Many photographers include custom made books in their packages. How do your services differ from what they’re offering?
GOOD STOCK: Actually, we do work with some photographers who offer our books in their photographer packages. However, if a photographer [is working with a different press vendor and] does not carry our books they typically do not offer an option that allows as much customization as ours. We can design special patterns for the book end sheets, select special fabrics and ribbons, and incorporate text and memorabilia.

WWW: What are the cool things in bookbinding and custom books these days?
GOOD STOCK: We love custom end sheets for our books. These are the first page you see when you open a book; [it is the name for the first sheet that] is attached to the inside of the cover. We usually try to design an end sheet that incorporates the style we’ve used in the rest of the book. It’s an extra unexpected touch when you open the book.

We also enjoy creating custom stamps for engraving on the book covers. With custom stamps, we can match a specific wedding logo or design element.

We are also big on story around here. We love when a couple includes their ‘how we met’ or engagement story. We think it’s such a special, personal touch.

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