New! Blink Lash Bar

Capitol Hill’s newest hyperfocused beauty salon lashes out.

By Sarah Hirsch March 18, 2011

blink lash bar exterior

SLIDESHOW: Check out the new Capitol Hill eyelash extension salon, Blink Lash Bar, and view our own before and after pictures.

Blink Lash Bar on Capitol Hill opened March 1; husband and wife-to be owners Corey Parker and Brittany Wilson say it’s the only salon in the Seattle area to focus solely on eyelash extensions. (Drop a comment in the box below if you care to contest.)

Google ‘celebrity eyelash extensions’ and you’ll see just how prevalent this treatment has become in places like LA and New York. And you’ll understand why Corey and Brittany wanted to bring the concept to Seattle.

And now, we bring the concept to you. We got lashed; the evidence and process is before you — in the time line below, and in the slideshow here.

12:45pm: Check in. Paperwork. Warm up by the fire. Meet our technician, Ashley.

1pm: We’re led back to our private room where we’re given a consultation wherein the “look” we’re going for is personalized: What exactly are we aiming for? Natural or full-glam? Do we want to use silk, synthetic, or mink lashes? A lot of curl or just a little? Do we want to focus on lengthening, thickening, or both?

1:15pm: Once we’ve settled on synthetic-semi-glam-semi-curl-semi-everything, we get comfortable, kick off our boots, and pop in our ear buds.

Ashley starts by protecting our lower lash line and lids (she doesn’t recommend getting extensions on your lower lashes because, ‘it makes you look like a doll.’) and then starts in on the very time-consuming, laborious process (for her – we’re lost in the new Adele album) of separating every single viable lash (of which there are 75-100, on average), applying glue, and then applying the appropriate extension.

3:45pm: More than two-and-a-half hours later, our lashes are extra lash-y and we’ve got a tote bag with care instructions and tools to boot. How did it look? Check the slideshow for images, but we can tell you that the results were indeed glamorous, but still close enough to natural that the look was more, ‘I had an extra hour of sleep, and applied an extra coat of mascara today,’ rather than, ’I’m trying out to become America’s Next Top Showgirl’ (show idea!).

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