New! Adele Salon

A boutique hair salon in Fremont wants you to shine with its signature Diamond Cut.

By Sarah Hirsch February 1, 2011


Amy Quackenbush’s Adele Salon opens today in Fremont, relocated from its former Greenlake digs where it was called Suede.

Stylists Amy Quackenbush, Jenna McClure, and Karen Andrew bring trendy favorites such as balayage and Brazilian blowouts in addition to the salon’s signature Diamond Cut, which features precision styling and a glazing treatment which the stylists says is made up of a ‘glaze the consistency of icing.’

Let’s hope it doesn’t feel like a cake’s sugary covering when you run your fingers through it.

The glaze soaks into hair during the duration of the cut and is rinsed out afterward. Another trimming session follows. Quackenbush claims the treatment leaves locks soft and incredibly glossy while the cut ‘rejuvenates the look of dull and damaged hair, revealing a diamond-like sparkle.

Check out the shiny salon and celebrity pics that evoke the Diamond Cut’s high-gloss appeal in the slideshow here.

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