Popup: Seattle Healing Sanctuary

"Surgery-free facelift" demos in West Seattle this weekend.

By Sarah Hirsch January 21, 2011

We could tell you about the programmable frequencies, nanocurrents traveling through cables, or the metallic fibers and spritzes of saltwater, but instead, maybe you should just see it for yourself.

This weekend and next – Jan 22, 23, 29, and 30Seattle Healing Sanctuary will be giving free demonstrations of their exclusive iEllios technology at their West Seattle popup location: 5251 California Ave SW.

The Sanctuary’s staff say they are the only spa in the Seattle area using the European ‘non-surgical face-lift procedure’ which offers 11 different treatment options – from acne to anti-wrinkles – and a dozen or so subcategories, for a completely tailored experience.

We tried out the iEllios ourselves and liked how it didn’t feel much different from a facial, but packs a bigger punch. We chose the treatment for “Problem Youth Skin” with a focus on taming redness. A difference could be seen right after the session — rosy cheeks and light scarring gave way to a smoother, more uniform complexion — but the full impact won’t happen for another four days. That’s the lengthy end of the spectrum though, whereas with someone receiving treatment for wrinkles or dullness of skin, full results are said to be seen immediately. And according to consultant Pamela Street, some users report a little tingling, but that’s as far as the pain factor goes – we didn’t feel anything at all.

Whether you’re fighting dark circles, puffiness, stretch marks, scars, or something else, Healing Sanctuary says each 45 minute session delivers a dose of tightening, toning, and glowing skin. And right now the spa is offering the first session to new clients at $95 – normally $175.

Demonstrations are Sat from 3-6, and Sun from 2-4:30 both weekends. Check out for more information.

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