Seattle Style?

Let’s take a look at Proenza Schouler’s accessory line.

By Laura Cassidy January 27, 2011


Today’s exercise:

1. Ponder the Proenza Schouler pre-spring 2011 bracelet to the left (open the slideshow to see a larger version as well as a similar style from the same collection).

2. Imagine wearing it with that striped jumper from Les Amis that you haven’t taken off since seeing the Picasso exhibit. Imagine wearing it as you lift a drink at Vito’s or wave hello to a friend across the room at Mistral Kitchen.

3. Then imagine rocking the piece, which is made with bunjee cord and hemp and uses a carabiner for a clasp, while rock climbing at Smith Rock.

Which feels like the most likely scenario?

When I saw the bold, interesting mix of materials used for this bracelet and the overall accessories line it belongs to, my first thought was ‘Yes,’ my second thought was ‘How Seattle,’ and my third was, ‘No, wait, you couldn’t wear that in Seattle because you’d look like a caricature.’

But maybe I’m just overthinking it. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not calling another case of All Eyes Us. I highly doubt that Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernandez, the line’s designers, were being literal or referential at all. I think they were having a good time working with odd new add-ins and crisscrossing the natural world with the poppy, technical one. They were thinking of Kristen Stewart on the cover of Vogue and Leighton Meester.

But still. Regardless of the original intent. Wearing a carabiner on your bracelet in Seattle? You tell me. Is that bracelet so Seattle or too Seattle?

(Don’t care what the reference is, you just love the look? An intern’s call to the downtown Nordstrom confirms that they’re carrying this current Proenza Schouler collection as we speak and the spring line is due in the coming weeks.)

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