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File under: Now You’ve Seen Everything.

By Laura Cassidy December 8, 2010

Runner’s World: local sportswear company Oiselle’s wedding dress.

Let me guess: You’re a few months away from the first day of the rest of your ridiculously happy life and while that should be fine and dandy it’s really pretty stressful and crazy-making? And the holidays don’t necessarily make anything better — what with family around to get in your business and all that shopping and prepping to do?

I know. I can feel it, and I figured it’s probably the right time to share Oiselle’s Runaway Bride dress with you.

Wait — no, not because I think the madness of the season is going to make you into one of those gals who ditches her dude at the last minute, but just because I think you need to see it. So you can say, And now I’ve seen everything.

The locally based running apparel company makes exactly the kinds of things you’d wear if you were into sprinting, jogging, and otherwise hustling for the sport of it and also into shopping Seattle brands. If you are not the former, I am sure you are the latter. BTW: Some of the company’s goods will be at the Sportwise sale you read about here a few days ago.

But not until now has Oiselle — or anyone else that we know of — made a dress for the dashing bride. The company assures us this little mini is made with moisture-wicking performance fabrics (I’m guessing there’s no silk charmeuse involved). Also: it includes not just a hidden fuel belt but a ring pocket. Prices start at $1,756.

Okay, I guess there probably are people who choose to do their I-dos at mile 8 of the Seattle Marathon but honestly, I’ve never met even the friend-of-a-friend of one of them. So you know, take this with a grain of whatever — or, consider scrapping your plans (or at least your dress) and making new ones. I’m told, after all, that running does relieve stress.

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