Kim Kardashian is an endorsement queen. She can plug a product on her Twitter feed to her 5 million plus followers for the small fee of $10,000, or she can just sign a contract and become the face of a makeup line (or workout DVDs, shoes, clothing…) – as she did with FusionBeauty.

The curvaceous reality star was at Bellevue Square’s Nordstrom recently to do just that – advertise the makeup line’s lip plumping glosses, Line Filling Luminizer, and holiday collection. And also, to meet her adoring fans – of which there were about 2,000.

We got five short minutes to ask her all about her latest collaboration.

Seattle Met: So is this your first time to Seattle?

Kim Kardashian: It is! I’m excited.

SM: And we heard that you’re wearing Report shoes, a Bellevue-based brand. Any other Seattle style influences?

KK: I layer a lot, and I love Report shoes, I wear a lot of them. And I didn’t know that Report was a Seattle-based company until I landed and I got an email from my stylist who told me. So I’m glad I decided to wear them today.

SM: How did you become involved with FusionBeauty?

KK: I’ve always used their lip plumpers, so I was really excited when they reached out. And, because I have used so many products, I wanted to be with a company that always thought a step ahead, and their Colorceuticals technology of matching anti-aging science with cosmetics I thought was just so different. I’m just really proud to be involved with them.

SM: You get approached to do a lot of endorsements, how do you decide what to take?

KK: It has to be a right fit. You have to really like the product and use the product to be involved with the company. That was the main lipgloss that I used, so I was a genuine fan first. But you definitely have to be picky and choosy when getting involved with endorsing products.

SM: And why did you decide to do this one? What made FusionBeauty special?

KK: They brought a whole different aspect to it by partnering up with the Seven Bar Foundation and creating the “Kiss Away Poverty” campaign where a dollar from every lip gloss goes to the foundation, which helps get women out of poverty. So everything about the company seemed to be a perfect fit for me.

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