Sale: National Geographic Warehouse Bonanza

Fourteen truckloads worth of smarty pants merchandise at up to 90 percent off.

By Sarah Hirsch November 22, 2010

An example of one of Nat Geo’s super popular texts; over 250,000 items will be on sale at the Convention Center on Thanksgiving weekend.

Where: Washington Convention Center, at Eighth and Pike

What: Over 250,000 items, taken from the last five years of the company’s catalog, will be marked between 20 and 90 percent off regular price. Surely you know a travel nut, nature photography buff, honor student, or book worm who wouldn’t mind unwrapping a National Geographic book, globe, toy, or home and garden accessory?

When: Friday, November 26 through Sunday, November 28 from 9 to 5. Admission is free.

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