Wedding Wednesday

America’s Next Top Floral Designer

What if it was you? Got your sights on some DIY arranging for pre-parties or your reception, get to Queen Anne on November 18.

By Laura Cassidy November 3, 2010

Even Martha had to start somewhere, right?

Where: The Queen Anne Metropolitan Market

What: You, some holiday season flowers, autumnal pretty stuff, and Betty the floral manager mix it up and learn how to make beautiful centerpieces for parties of 4 or 40. What about 200? Well, you’d have to start somewhere, right? While this class is not intended to teach brides or grooms how to get started with floral ideas for their big day or any of the pre- or post-parties, I’m thinking it’s a swell opportunity to do so anyway. If you’re thinking that some element of your wedding day flowers might be coaxed into glory by your own hands, and maybe a few that belong to bridesmaids and moms, this could be a fun way to see whether or not you’ve got what it takes. Just don’t go thinking it’s too easy to be a flower wrangler.

Planning on leaving it to the pro’s on the Big Day? A sound decision. We support that. Check out list of favored floral designers on

When: November 18 from 6 to 8 Cost is $40. Sign up in the floral department at Metropolitan Market’s Queen Anne Store or call 206-378-3568. Betty and company say that all participants will take home an arrangement that’ll get you through at least the first stretch of holiday season.

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