Virtual Reality: TrilbyMade

Octopus necklaces and reversible leather on the "shelves" of a Seattle "shop" out there in the Etsian web-o-sphere.

By Amanda LaPlante October 7, 2010


Inspired by early success at an Urban Craft Uprising, Trilby Hainstock has been experimenting with recycled, reversible leather cuffs and headbands as well as spindly silver octopus necklaces.

Her tough-pretty (pretty, tough?) pieces are sold at Finch and Sparrow, CakeSpy Shop/BlueBottle Art Gallery, and The Green Chair Project. But it’s Hainstock’s online Etsy shop TrilbyMade that lands her here today.

Check out our slideshow to find out what the designer means when she says “technology used creatively, the economy of materials, and happy accidents” are among her biggest inspirations.

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