Just Landed: Sassybax

Shaping lingerie aims to be pretty and, well, controlling.

By Laura Cassidy October 4, 2010

Sassybax: Bringing sassy back?

Where: Anne Marie Lingerie, Ella Mon, and Hip Zephyr

What: Sassybax, a line of controlling (read: flattening, contouring, and generally non-surgically nipping and tucking) lingerie that’s meant to be a little prettier than your average girdle. I’m of the mind that when we’re wearing the kind of clothes that are right for our shape, in the sizes that are right for our bodies, such shenanigans are not necessary, but I’ve been booed out of the ladies’ room for similar statements before I’ll just pass along the Sassybax news and (mostly) leave it at that.

Actually, last month was a doozy for this category of product. Recently, my Inbox totally made me ill when it let me know that a company called BrazaBra just released a product aimed at helping women in too-small clothes. (It seems to be an epidemic.) Specifically: too-small jeans. How to be delicate about this … (because let me assure you, the press release wasn’t) If your jeans are circulation-damaging tight, there’s now a product that will supposedly protect a certain especially sensitive region from the hazards — at least the outwardly apparent ones — of that type of thing.

When: Sassybax is in Seattle stores now. As far as I know, that other object is available only via Internet, because who can imagine the retailer who wants to carry it?

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