Kartell’s answer to the rain boot is made from 100 percent recyclable plastic. You can ponder a pair at Pulp’s fall/winter pop-up shop.

Where: Behind Fu Kun Wu, 5410 Ballard Ave NW (entrance is on 22nd, Fu Kun Wu’s former smoking room)

What: The return — for the weekends — of Kate Pawlicki’s Pulp Lab. The trendhunter and online shopkeeper has kept busy of late running back and forth to NYC and beyond popping up storefronts and facilitating collaborations, but this season she’ll be hosting a shopping and art installation in the back room of the best (only?) place in town to get toasted on yohimbe.

You might recall that Pawlicki was always one to experiment, so it’s not necessarily surprising that she’s booked two and a half months worth of Saturdays and Sundays in a bar with some camo-colored nail lacquers and an Italian furniture maker’s foray into footwear. Oh sure, there’s more to the fall/winter temp boutique than that, and part of the fun lies in discovering what that is. The other part may or may involve that yohimbe.

When: Weekends from Oct 9 to Dec 19, from 12-5

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