Leanne Marshall Styles Southcenter

Project Runway Season 5 winner visits the south end mall.

By Sarah Hirsch October 14, 2010


Project Runway victor Leanne Marshall was at Westfield Southcenter mall last weekend dispensing free fashion tips as part of Westfield’s Style Tour. The designer lives in New York these days (who doesn’t?), but the ex-Portlander finds time to visit the Pacific Northwest “about four times a year.” She says she jumped at the chance to come to Seattle.

Post-Project Runway life has been a whirlwind – that last wedding dress challenge transformed her collections; they now include way more bridal looks than she had ever anticipated. Not that she isn’t still trading in petals and waves. "Architectural elements will always have their place, but making clothes that are flattering and innovative is most important – making the woman feel beautiful,” said Marshall. Ah, yes. That. When asked about Tim Gunn and the final judging she smiled. “I’d say it worked out for me. I remember Kenley saying, ‘I should’ve been nicer to Tim.’"

Then again, Kenley might have been nicer to a lot of people. Check the slideshow here for a recap of Marshall’s appearance.

Aly Scott, founder of StyleChic, and contributor to Access Hollywood, Extra, and E! was also on hand talking trends, and hashing out the looks in Westfield’s Style Closet, all of which are available within the shopping center.

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