Wedding Wednesday

Elements of Style: Grooms’ Edition

(Don’t make me say, "It’s hip to be square.")

By Laura Cassidy September 29, 2010

You’re never fully dressed without one, even if you end up using an old doily as your pocket square.

Take it from the downtown Sartorialist Gian DeCaro who put it this way: “You’re not dressed without one, but it shouldn’t be matchy-poo. I always say complementary-poo.”

DeCaro was speaking of pocket squares.

The image here appeared on the other Sartorialist’s blog not long ago, and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. If there’s one thing I’d like to convince you to wear on your wedding day, dear sir, it’s a nice piece of silk or cotton in a shade that complements the rest of the wedding party.

Among the best sources for this kind of thing in our city are:

Neiman Marcus
Brooks Brothers
Luly Yang Couture
Gian DeCaro
Butch Blum
Wall Street Custom Clothier

Those last four will make one for you in the color or pattern of your choosing, but let’s be clear on this: There isn’t much to a pocket square. If someone in your family is comfortable cutting and hemming simple shapes, you could even utilize extra fabric from say, bridesmaid dresses or — tread carefully here — especially nice custom-made table linens. This past summer I scissored into a batik-dyed scarf ten minutes before we left the house in order that my own Mr. would have just the right colors and vibe for an island wedding we were attending. You’ll note the Milanese fellow here appears to have his grandmother’s doily tucked into his breast pocket — then again, he’s Milanese.

True: Experimental pocket squaring is not something you want to get into if you’re not, let’s say, an experienced man of style. But then, you’ll never become an experienced man of style if you don’t start experimenting with the range of accessories and accents available to gentlemen such as yourself.

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