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Tiffany’s free iPhone app could make easier work of diamond hunting

By Laura Cassidy August 18, 2010

They’ve got an app for that: Sizing, settings, and stones from Tiffany & Co are easier with the new iPhone tool

I have to hand it to you; I wouldn’t want your job. Selecting the right stone, the dreamed-about setting, and getting the size right? Engagement ring shopping is tricky work, but, alas, someone has to do it.

It’s a wonder, then, that someone hasn’t done this yet: Tiffany & Co’s free engagement ring iPhone app allows you to browse the collection according to diamond shape, setting, metal, or design — and toggle around to try out different stones with different metals and whatnot. Wedding bands are on view also; mix, match, and email co-conspirators (or post to Facebook or Twitter) what you come up with directly from the app.

Perhaps most helpful is the sizing tool. Tiffany & Co says theirs is the first of its kind in the biz; app users place any ring directly on the screen and align it with guides to find the appropriate ring size. Beats having to secretly steal one for an entire day so that a professional can assess it for you.

’Course, there are those brides-to-be who want to select their own ring, and those who would love an antique or an heirloom piece, and those who have been so explicit and detailed in their instructions that no app is necessary thank you very much. But for serious shoppers hoping to rule out guess work and acquire that iconic blue box with knowledge, confidence, and forethought, this pretty much does it.

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