In Person: Shipley & Halmos

Architects of the cool, new modern roll through Seattle with their photobooth and soon-to-be-assembled book pages.

By Laura Cassidy August 19, 2010

The Shipley and Halmos line: The very definition of modern, for both men and women

Where: Barneys New York

What: Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos, known to those who favor a spirited, modern take on classic men’s and women’s American sportswear as Shipley & Halmos, are stopping in your town on their Fill in the Blank Tour.

Why? I mean, why not? More and more designers coming through Seattle these days; I’ve started imagining them as rock bands or book authors. And really, tis the season. Can’t say I haven’t entertained the thought of a summer road trip myself. Can you?

But there’s more than good times and better publicity to the Shipley & Halmos tour. The former Trovata designers (they exited their group project start-up in ‘07 and launched their first solo duo collection for spring/summer ’08) are hauling a photobooth and a giant stack of Mad Lib/Proust-esque questionnaires around with them. The best of the photos — of you of course — and the answers will be compiled in a book to be called "We’re An American _________." If you know the look of the line’s tags and branding, you can imagine what a good-looking book it’ll be.

So, Seattle, what American nouns are you? Show up and let Shipley and Halmos know.

When: Thursday August 26 from 5-7

See you there.

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