Find Pendleton blankets, perfect for Labor Day picnics, inside the Field House in Ballard.

What’s on your calendar for the weekend? Lunch at the beach? Backpacks and a winding trail? A mixed-tape for the car and a winery tour? Maybe grilling in the backyard or the rooftop?

Our Labor Day shopping map should help with all of that. Here’s a look at what’s been charted on your behalf:

TOOLS: Mrs. Cooks and Williams-Sonoma for serving pieces, margarita blenders, and just about whatever cooking tool you’re in need of. The Field House in Ballard for Pendleton picnic blankets, Stanley thermoses, and other super-Northwest day trip supplies.

FUN: Outdoor and More and the City People’s shops for day-long excursion accoutrement or overnight gear. The Electric Boat company for those of us who don’t own our own yachts.

FOOD: Not into packing your own gourmet mid-day meal? There’s a little shop in Greenwood that’ll do it for you. On the other hand, some of the most perfect outdoor snacks consist only of baguette and rich, flavorful olive oil; find the plenty latter at Oil and Vinegar. And what goes well with mountain pathways and trail mix? Sixth Avenue Wine Seller ought to know.

Use the link above or this one here and map your pre-three day weekend shopping now.

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