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Shop It: Saturday Market at Pioneer Square

Add Pio Square to your Fremont and Georgetown vintage/antique/cool stuff weekend treasure hunting haunts

By Amanda LaPlante July 12, 2010


Where: Pioneer Square

What: A new outdoor Saturday Market called Seattle Square. Not a traditional outdoor farmers market. Nope. Think the best of your yardsaling, thrifting, and vintage shopping combined — all set to a soundtrack provided by a rotating crew of DJs. (Making it not totally unlike the markets you love in Fremont and Georgetown.) The nabe’s open-air shopportunity focuses on handmade and vintage clothing and jewelry, furniture, and letterpressed and screenprinted wares. Market organizers say Zone4 Printing will be doing live and custom silk-screening; if you’ve got a signature design you’ve been looking to rock, bring a blank tee-shirt.

Oh, and you think you might get hungry in the midst of all this? Happily make your way to any one of the mobile food vendors that’ll be trucking through the site in an orderly fashion.

When: Every Saturday, thru September, beginning July 17, from 11 to 5.*

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