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The new issue of Seattle Met Bride & Groom is out now; here’s how to get into the next one

By Laura Cassidy July 14, 2010

Ben and China wanted an “elegant goth” celebration, and they got it at the Chapel Bar on Capitol Hill

On the off chance that you haven’t seen it yet, the latest and greatest issue of Seattle Met Bride & Groom hit stands on July 1.

Because we get so many queries about our Real Weddings section, and because the new Real Weddings from the new issue are online now, I wanted to take a few minutes on this Wedding Wednesday to let you know how to submit images for consideration for our winter/spring issue, due out on January 1, 2011.

-Anyone can submit images from the event; cake bakers, floral designers, grandmothers, nosy neighbors, especially mature flower girls. So long as you have permission from the starring players, we’re not picky about who takes charge of nominating the big day.

-Submit between 10 and 20 (not five and certainly not 45) low-res images via email directly to me, making sure that you’ve selected the types of shots that we tend to print. Cruise through our online galleries and note the prevalence of detail shots over formal portraits and put on your most discerning, astute photo-editing hat.

-Please do not send overly fussy packages; we prefer digital submissions, and in any case, ribbons and bows do not sway our opinions.

-Keep the mission of Real Weddings in mind: It’s there to inspire readers to create their own totally amazing days. While many think of it as a brag book or photo gallery – and certainly, it’s a place to scout out great photographers and yes, the bragging rights are pretty sweet – the section is all about sharing ideas and enticing couples to be true to their vision and take the day wherever they want it to go.

-We also want to share vendor referrals (a list accompanies each wedding) — or, on the other hand, show off weddings by especially enterprising couples who were good at enlisting talented friends and family.

-We look for the best and the brightest; the most romantically elegant and smashingly fun. Novel but not necessarily kooky. Personal but not so specific that others wouldn’t relate. Commitment ceremonies are every bit as welcome as weddings. A union is a union.

-We are game to print weddings that took place in the Seattle-area, even if the couple is from out of town, and we are happy to print the destination weddings of those who call this area home. We like city weddings, country weddings, and everything in between.

-We print weddings that took place in the year prior to the issue date. So, for the issue due out in January ‘11, we’ll consider weddings from January ’10 forward. You can submit at any time. What are you doing later this afternoon?

-Don’t forget contact information for the bride and groom (you’d be surprised how often that happens) and the photographer (we’ll request a full set of high res images if we decide we want to take the submission to Round Two), and please keep in mind that we cannot confirm receipt or reply to individual submissions. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.


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