Meet the Shopkeeper: Lola Pop

By Kelly Robinson June 18, 2010

Lola Pop is just off center in the Center of the Universe

If you’re not slipping down side streets, you’re missing some prime shopping opportunities. Lola Pop in Fremont is just ever-so-slightly off the beaten track, yes, but now that you know owner Muriel Monteiro, you’ve got a reason to turn the corner at N 35th Street.

WWW: What’s your personal spin on the ubiquitous “How can I help you?” question?
Monteiro: When someone comes in the store I usually ask them how their day is going, if they have been in the store before … it’s important to me to know about them.

What is your favorite thing in the store right now?
Repetto shoes, made in France. We are soon getting a really nice women’s loafer called Michael in a purple patent leather. I am also really really excited about my fall collections; I spent two weeks in France and four days in Milan last March looking for new designers and I found very good ones, as well as new shoes, new clothing, and accessories.

Where do you shop when you’re not at Lola Pop?
I like Baby & Co and Souvenir in Ballard. I have a lot of respect for those who represent interesting collections and also for those who dare to stick around.

What type of store do you think is missing in Seattle?
I would love to see a really nice lingerie store; something sophisticated, tasteful and elegant… And also a chic umbrella and rain jacket store.

[Hm. How about the pretty underthings at Bellefleur just across the street from Lola Pop? And when it rains, Tuuli. – Ed.]

What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened in your store?
I don’t recall of anything weird ever happening in the store, but a lot of amazing things have happened. I met most of my best friends through Lola Pop.

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