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Spring Cleaning III: Shelf Life

Locally designed Beauty Alert stickers make easy work of makeup clean-up

By Laura Cassidy May 18, 2010

Nothing lasts forever, not beauty nor beauty products. Spring Cleaning continues with your makeup drawer or shaving bag. Is it scary in there? All the more reason to get this done.

Seattle esthetician Stacya Silverman and a New York-based partner came up with Beauty Alert stickers in 2008 as a way of making sense of their own piles of face powder, moisturizers, and mascara. As the duo outline on their website and online store, once a product is past its prime, preservatives stop doing their duties and bacteria and other bad guys start going wild.

There are Beauty Alert stickers for different products, because different products have different shelf lives. Just match the sticker with the product, note the date you purchased, and toss it when its time has come. If you’re unsure, reference this article from CBS News about the safety and efficacy dates of lip gloss, concealer, foundation and more.

And if you’re still unsure—like, unsure that you really want to bother—read this bit of about Massachusetts researchers finding that the average woman absorbs five pounds of chemicals via cosmetics each year.

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