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White Hot

Is the white nail polish trend right for your white wedding?

By Laura Cassidy April 21, 2010

I won’t name names (mercifully, I’ve forgotten them), but I’ve seen women march down the aisle with black nail polish. Wait, I didn’t see it — I just saw pictures of it. Everything else was pretty traditional except for that lacquer. Roses, calla lillies, mermaid-y trumpet skirt, big fluffy veil, a sunny church, and black nails.

I’m whole-heartedly in favor of personal expression and making your wedding what you want it to be, but in my opinion, that look didn’t work. I think you either want to go tough-girl rock-chick downtown-bride all the way, or not at all. So then what of the new milky-white nail polish trend?

It’s definitely the new black. Until yesterday I was wearing Julep’s Yoko, and it reminded me of wearing Chanel Vamp in the mid-90s: it’s edgy and new, and whatever else you’re wearing is automatically kicked up a notch or two.

But what if you’re wearing a wedding dress? Do you want that look to be kicked up a notch or two? Well, what kind of notch are we talking about here?

Gaga’s doing it, Gwen’s doing it, and Scarlett’s doing it. Then there’s white hot style bloggers Bleach Black and Rumi’s uh, inappropriately named shade.

But is it right for a wedding? Just by virtue of being white? Ah, probably not. It’s a little too statement-y, a little too trendy. It has a definite whiff of purposefulness, and on a day when you probably don’t want your look to overshadow you, that can come off as trying-too-hard. One of those things that feels so right now, but could look so wrong later. I think it’s probably best as a before-the-wedding look; save it for those pre-Big Day dinner parties, the showers, the girl’s-nights-out.

Maybe pick up a few bottles for your bridesmaids; as Scarlett demonstrates above, the trend works best when your white nails have some other shade to bounce off of.

For a local take and softer spin on the lacquer trend of the year, you’re probably best with Butter London’s Pearly Queen, or Cream Tea, which is what the company’s creative director, Nonie Creme, advised brides to wear in our winter/spring 2009 issue. This way, you’ll rock the aisle in a look that’s timeless and pretty, with nothing to prove.

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