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A reminder to massage your mind, scrub your muscles, and yoga-fy your skin in prep of the big day

By Laura Cassidy April 7, 2010

Feel great now, here’s how.

Those of you getting married this summer, next fall, and even the following winter are probably following some sort of timeline — either one given to you in a book or magazine, or one you’ve created yourselves. You’re making your guest list, your getting fitted for gowns and suits, you’re meeting with potential vendors. You’re right on track, but one thing that a lot of those lists leave off is your health, your mental and physical well-being.

News of Vida Spa’s partnership with Be Luminous Yoga inspired me to hopefully inspire you on this course of action.

On April 15, the partnered South Lake Union wellness centers kick-off their Spring Cleaning promotion. The wellness plan includes a 21-day dietary cleanse supervised by naturopathic physician Lauren Oktay, unlimited yoga, and add-on detoxifying spa treatments. I feel good just thinking about it.

Read more about the Be Luminous course-of-action here.

Oftentimes when you do come across wellness ideas in relation to your wedding day, it’s positioned via fear tactics; if you don’t exercise, diet, and wrap your thighs in eco-plastic, you won’t fit into your dress. Phooey. A well-made dress selected with care for your body type and altered by a professional is going to fit you like a dream. But this sweet, fun, exciting time of beginnings and newness gives you a super cool opportunity to transform and improve in lots of ways, and feeling (and yes looking) great is just one of them. Okay. I’m off my soap box. Carry on.

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