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The Rodarte tour; Laura and Kate Mulleavy appear at Nordstrom downtown on April 29

By Laura Cassidy April 13, 2010


Slideshow: Rodarte from their first show in Spring 06 to the future

They are fashion’s rather unlikely stars. Two sisters, not model-like in appearance, not trained in the usual way. Not New Yorkers, not exotic. Not born into it. Not insecure about being insecure. They are inspired by horror films and vultures. Critics, editors, and the fashion elite cannot get enough of them. They’ll be at Nordstrom downtown on Thursday April 29 from noon to 2:00.

Why go? Trunk shows are to fashion followers what rock shows are to music heads. And make no mistake about it: The Mulleavys are rock stars. Nordstrom may have a ‘few songs’ from the ‘current album’ in-store for you to gawk at any time, but expect a few edgier, more directional looks to accompany the designers and show up in an informal fashion show on the 29th. The experience of seeing, touching, and feeling their at-once gauzy, web-like, and meticulously crafted minis, knits, and legwear ‘live’ is epic the way hearing the heavily noodled fade-out of your favorite chorus-solo-chorus is epic.

And unlike rock shows, where backstage entry is really not an option, trunk shows are all about access. (Not to mention, free.)

The last time I went to one on Store #1’s second floor, it was to meet Rag and Bone designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville. I was so psyched to be able to talk with them about their stateside denim manufacturing and what it meant to bring the art of jean-making back to its home.

You could ask the Mulleavys about their capsule collection for Target, or the Tavi thing, or, you know, how they manage to make their pieces light-as-air and bondage-tight at the same time.

Of course, you could always just stand around and sip champagne and watch, too.

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