Soft Sculpture

New products from Seattle-based Grain Design

By Laura Cassidy April 2, 2010

File under trends I love: accessories made of soft materials like linen thread, pleated ribbon, felted wool, and braided silk. It’s like marrying a Marni necklace to the softest scarf. There are high and low examples, and of course it’s always best if you can find one with a local tie.

The all-cotton "Chi-Chi" necklace shown here was first designed in 2006 in a collaboration with artisans in Guatemala and then-RISD students Chelsea Green, James Minola, and Brit Kleinman. The trio is now the Seattle-based design concern Grain, and they are working with the same Central American artists to produce these pieces. The necklaces are available on Grain’s shop site.

The same collaboration gave way to a collection of coin purse-like bags. Made with upcycled woven vintage textiles turned inside out, the bags are sold at SAM Shop and the artist site.

Both designs benefit 1% For The Planet and create sustainable income opportunities for artisans in Guatemala.

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