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Little Shops of Adorable

Two new floral shops, two not-entirely-new floral designers

By Laura Cassidy April 28, 2010


You’ve always harbored a secret ambition to tuck fox glove around cosmos and layer peonies with poppies.

And you, you’ve been sketching a reception that features an extra long, extended family style table with dozens and dozens of small, wild but harmonious vintage-feeling arrangements running down the middle.

Two new floral shops provide great, homegrown resources to all kinds of customers (we’re talking to you, Mother’s Day shoppers), but for couples on their way to vows and wows with stylish ceremonies and gorgeous feasts, they represent two very particular boons.

You, dear armchair designer, should get to the recently opened Cap Hill spot Marigold and Mint to meet Katherine Anderson and find out how she can be your back-pocket DIY dream-maker. With a landscape architecture degree and a farm 30 minutes from the city, Anderson is less an arranger and more a farm-to-table enabler. To see more of her crops, pick up a copy of our current issue and catch (!) her cardoon bouquet, marigold garland, and more.

And you, Francophilic lover of all things abundant and ever-so-perfectly undone, should get to West Seattle’s new Fleurt, where Sam Crowley builds floral tablescapes with regional and world-sourced blooms the way Willie Wonka built chocolate playgrounds. Drawing on a fashion and botanicals background, a nose for what goes, and an eye for chic, just-so offbeat designs, Crowley’s Fleurt is like a showroom of her ideas—or a place to collaborate with her on yours.

Check the slideshow here for a tour of Fleurt, access more floral designers on the Seattle Met Bride & Groom website, and revisit this post detailing the behind-the-scenes experiences of some of the city’s top blossom wranglers.

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