What's in Store

Where to Find It: Souvenirs from Mexico and Beyond

Edgar brings a bit of the beach to Broadway

By Caitlin King March 9, 2010


The store doesn’t call a lot of attention to itself—from the outside. Inside Edgar: The Store, however, is a colorful and thoughtful collection of artisan-made pieces and flea market finds that darn near speaks to you.

Edgar: The Shop Owner is Edgar Lee, a Southern, story-telling gentleman who’s got a tale for every trinket. Sourced from his mostly international shopping trips, his shelves are stocked with antique French fencing shields, toddler-sized hot pink-and-red candles, Mexican pottery in the Italian Renaissance style, and stuffed sheep hand-knit by Benedictine nuns right here in Washington.

For birthday gifts or ex-post-facto reminders of your own far-flung adventures (after all, you can never bring as much home as you’d like these days, thanks to those new Draconian luggage weight rules), you can hardly do better—or have more fun looking around.

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