The Rules

1. Get yourself to Neiman Marcus at 6:30p on March 4

By Laura Cassidy February 26, 2010

A Fashion Rules question: “What was Diana Vreeland’s most famous line?” Know the answer? Bring it with you next Thursday night.

2. Proceed to Mariposa, NM’s in-store restaurant, where little old me has been asked to host a fiercely competitive (in a friendly way!) round or two of Fashion Rules, a style-centric board game. Monopoly for the Marc Jacobs set.

3. Grab a cocktail, and some bites, and join in.

It’s all part of Neiman Marcus’s Fashion Rules Party, a multi-store get-down celebrating the spring season and all things suede, semi-sheer, cropped, layered, draped, soft, pretty, and otherwise perfect.

The game begins at 6:30, and then the games continue with a spring trend fashion show at the plaza level at 7:30 and then free-for-all spa treatments, mini-makeovers, and more in the cosmetics department for the remainder of the evening, til 9.

What I like about parties in especially well-edited department stores, is the part about hanging out with Chanel suits and patent-leather beige YSL heels like it’s just no big deal. You can chill at the local pub and rub elbows with a pin-ball game and a couple of pull-tab dispensers if that’s what works for you, but too often luxury brands and exclusive designer goods feel all too … exclusive. Untouchable, really.

Here’s a chance to right that wrong—and show off some intimate knowledge of designer factoids and sartorial history, too.

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