The bloggers have it: Adam Katz Sinding captured Ullie de Osu and Shalonne Foster at the Neiman Marcus gala for Wear What When back in September

In case, in your holiday fog, you missed the New York Times’ year-end piece on influential fashion bloggers and their place in the front row, now you’ve got the link.

But Seattle designers, fashion business pros, and bloggers alike should also read this piece on the Business of Fashion site which breaks down the rise of the laptop-toting laymen and women and makes a case for considering them not a trend but a bona fide resource.

We first talked about these style bloggers almost exactly one year ago here, and this past September Wear What When used the Neiman Marcus gala as an opportunity to share the talents of local street style photog Adam Sinding of the blog Le 21eme Arrondissement

Seattle: Sinding’s been our Scott Schuman, but if word on his streets and yours is correct, he isn’t long for this town — which could mean that one of our chief objectives in 2010 will be to find his replacement.

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