New owner Jill Donnelly chats with a customer amid deeply discounted European imports at Baby & Co.

Baby has left the building.

The Burstyns, Baby and Uri, recently sold their 30-plus year old boutique to its heir apparent, longtime shop manager and buyer Jill Donnelly. But before you get too concerned, know this: The relaxed yet highly styled European aesthetic that colors Baby and Co. will remain more or less the same.

Much of the mood comes from the high ceilings and Portobello Road via some statue-studded piazza space, but lines like Marithe and Francois Girbaud, Lilith, and Peachoo and Krejberg are what bring a part-Parisian, part-Bohemian, part-studied, part-intuitive vibe to Seattle streets. Donnelly borrows from lifestyle design It-girl Anya Hindmarch and calls the look and feel cozy cool. And she doesn’t intend to change it.

Sure, some elements may fade while others are played up.

At least one wall has already been repainted. Just imagine if your boss left the company in your hands … But Donnelly leans on a legacy of the unexpected as she plots the future. Just as Baby brought in true military-chic from Belgian army-navy surplus shops and Kiehls products way before they were a household name, Donnelly has big ideas about evolving what has become a home-away-from-home (closet-away-from-closet?) for so many stylish, worldly women — several of whom, within the space of the half an hour I spent in the shop yesterday, either came in to congratulate her or dropped their big gorgeous leather shoulder bags to cover her in hugs her upon hearing the news.

This would be a great time to stop by and do the same yourself. Just about everything in the store has been marked between 30% and 50% off, which is a big deal when you’re talking about exclusive designers, small-batch ordering, and well-constructed pieces that’ll look as cozy, cool, current, and timeless in Ballard as in Brussels and beyond.

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