Gift Bag: Neck and Neck

Rebel 8 scarves and a pop-up gallery at Winner’s Circle tonight

December 17, 2009

It’s one of those things that feels a little silly – obvious, really – to say, but scarves have really arrived. Seems like years went by when no one thought of the neck’s second favorite accessory (am thinking necklaces are first), but nowadays, the eyes rarely register the thought stylish human unless something is wrapped below the chin and above the clavicle.

While women have all these amazing, color-coded chunky options as well as layers of gauzy, printed ones, guys in the twentysomething category — little bros, big bros, boyfriends, best pals — get graphic, bold, and just a little retro. Think mid-90s hip-hop or the Gretzky-era hockey high life days.

Think the Rebel 8, the San Fran-based, graffiti-born, design-savvy line for intellectual skaters and neatly pressed urbanites available at Winners Circle on the Hill.

A good time to check it out in person: Tonight.

Seattle Met contributor Osiris Navarro curated The Happiest Day, a pop-up gallery there featuring her favorite famous-tomorrow photographers. A party tonight, Thursday the 17th from 7 to 11, features work by April Brimer, Christine Hahn, Kyle Johnson, Aya Sato, and Andrew Waits.

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