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Last Waltz’s January sale scheduled for Saturday the 2nd

December 28, 2009

1982 Calvin Klein ad from Vogue

Cybele Phillips, of the erstwhile Last Waltz announced the date of her next big vintage sale a few days ago – get your mad cash and holiday dollars ready for Saturday January 2nd.

The sale runs from 12-4 at Gossamer Collective, which may or may not be known to fans of Phillips’s old shop as "the old Last Waltz space."

The other news: this first Saturday thing is now something you can count on. Gossamer will host Phillips and her loot on the first Saturday of each month in perpetuity. Or, you know, for quite some time.

Lately I’ve been in a 1982-by-way-of-1994 kind of mood, hence the CK ad to the right. That’s not to say that you’re feeling that vibe, or that Phillips is, or that you can expect to find this kind of baggy-yet-angular, sharp-shouldered, power suiting-for-the-nightclub look.

Phillips sales are always an exploration of current trends filtered through her vintage shopper’s lens, and checking them out to see what she’s into is almost as much fun as checking them out to see what you can get into.

Let me know what you find!

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