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From flapper dresses to Big Band big hair: the Killer Diller fashion show

November 24, 2009


Don’t dance but like to swing? Consider Lorraine O’Neal’s vintage fashion show at the beautiful and historic Daughters of the American Revolution Rainier Chapter House on December 4.

In fact, even if you do dance, and moreover, if you’re really into the androgynous drape of 20s era column silhouettes and the hot-rollered look of the Andrews Sisters and everything between the two that conspired to make the Swing Years such a great-looking epoch, well, you really should consider attending the show.

Part of the Killer Diller weekend, an all-out love fest of lindy hopping, dance-a-thons, and related good times, the show presents what O’Neal likes to call a live picture of history.

The beloved local dance teacher got into swing about twelve years ago, and, like so many others, sort of fell into the lifestyle, too. They watch the old movies, they follow the stars of the times, and pretty soon they’re in saddle shoes and cloche hats, too. Talking the talk and walking the walk, and yeah, busting out the Charleston here and there, too. There sure are worse habits.

About two years ago, O’Neal meticulously organized what had become her own pretty sizable vintage clothing collection and began asking around to see who had pieces to fill the holes, and before she knew it, friends of friends with fully stocked grandmother’s attics were surfacing and clothes – that is, the genuine articles – were finding her. She put on the first Killer Diller fashion show last year.

So what to expect? Well, as much as it’s meant to be a good time, O’Neal doesn’t take this stuff lightly. Models — dancers, fans, real life folk — decked out in period gear will also be sporting period hair and makeup. O’Neal won’t stand for a 1942 shoe with a 1936 dress and a 1924 hairdo.

The show lasts for about an hour; a DJ plays — what else? music from the times — as O’Neal comments on key silhouettes and explains why the hemline fell here and why collars rounded out there.

Tickets are available through Brown Paper Tickets; follow the first link in this post to score ’em. For more on related events, check the Killer Diller weekend link.

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