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Look Smart: Act Your Age

Feeling good, looking good, and the Woodmark Spa

October 16, 2009

This isn’t me, but it could be you. (From Decleor)

If you read Kathryn Robinson’s dressing-for-her-age ‘Back Fence’ piece in our September issue, or, if you’ve been alive in America for longer than five minutes while on the business end of your twenties, you’ve thought about aging, and about doing it with style and your trademark good looks intact. They’re thinking about that at the Spa at the Woodmark too, on the occasion of their tenth birthday.

If you’ve got 395 bucks and 4 hours and 45 minutes to spare, you can celebrate with them by indulging in seven signature treatments and a spa lunch.

Unfortunately, yesterday wasn’t that kind of day for me, but I did have time to sample their healthy aging sculpting wrap.

Based on products from the French Decleor line, which is in turn based on essential oils and plant extracts, the treatment involves waking up the lymphatic system with some good old fashioned gentle exfoliation and then lathering on layers of lemongrass, myrrh, frankincense, chamomile, rose, and other fairly heavenly smelling oils with detoxifying, hydrating, and preserving qualities.

Next, the really cool part: They wrap you like a mummy. Tara, a very knowledgeable, easy-going, and cleverly engaged Woodmark esthetician, showed me how they basically swaddle you like an ancient Egyptian or a newborn in a manger, and then allow you to essentially soak in it — oh, while you’re getting a scalp and facial massage.

Did I look or feel any less than my 37.633 years when this demo was over? Of course not. Tara says that if you were really intent on firming your skin, preserving your shape, and holding on to those aforementioned trademark good looks, you’d want to opt in for a series of the these wraps, and you’d purchase Decleor’s suite of at-home products, too. And you’d use them. Diligently.

While I was chatting with spa manager Deanna Mang, the sun had come out over the marina adjacent to the hotel’s property, and, walking outside I felt humbled and amazed at yet another insanely beautiful Seattle day. I felt great. I smelled amazing. A svelte sixty-something jog-walker in velour crossed in front of me. She was talking into an iPhone — I heard something about a squirrel, a duck, and a backyard — and giggling like a school girl.

The Spa at the Woodmark is offering ten percent off their top ten services for the rest of October, their anniversary month. You can find out more on their site, and here’s the thing: Feeling good is looking good, and that’s about that. No matter how old or how young you are.


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Oh, and these Look Smart headings will appear from time to time from here on out.

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