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Where to Find It: Here Comes the Rain Again

Jackets for the next six months of your life, or longer

October 26, 2009

A selection of rain jackets at Tuuli

Hear that sound? Rain on your rooftop, rain on your head. That’s the sound of the next six months of your life. You’re soaking in it. You can’t beat it, and joining it means, what? going gray? Nah. Deal with it—which requires a rain jacket you love, one that cheers you up and keeps you dry. I’ve got just the place. Tuuli on First Ave.

Home of all things colorful, graphic, and bold, sure, but the Finnish brands that Ulla Freeman brings to her shop also have a lot of integrity. They’re made well and built to last, and that’s essential when you’re talking about rain gear.

If you’re not going to go with something from NW-based outdoor outfitters like REI or Outdoor Research, you need to be extra cautious that the slicker you’re getting into will actually keep you dry. Nothing like a leaky overcoat.

At Tuuli, the raincoats and ponchos are by Marimekko and Nanso, two of the leading manufacturers in Scandinavia—where, let’s be smart here—they know a thing or two about inclement weather. And, of course, bold, graphic colors.

Right now, a raincoat or two from last season hangs on the sale rack. Considering the weather report, I wouldn’t expect them to be there for too long.


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