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Where to Find It: Gothic Spookery

What Would Edgar Allan Poe Do?

October 19, 2009


Should you wish to skip bad plastic gravestones, tiny skulls strung on Christmas lights, and cheesy Welcome to the Boneyard signage and instead (highly recommended) observe All Hallows’ Eve in Victorian Gothic style, you’ll need to visit Liberty 123.

Liberty Hanson’s gift, registry, and decor showroom is always full of ideas; she picks the best wall colors and layers country mouse/city mouse furniture, opulent beach house lighting options, best friend sweet nothings, and small but meaningful home ornaments in front of them. Polished seashells, coffee table monographs, mirrored cabinets, European serving pieces, and pillows with stories to tell evoke a generations-old, antique-filled cabin on the peninsula dismantled and rebuilt inside Kelly Wearstler’s Hollywood mansion.

And right now grandma’s cabin is looking pretty Goth. Like Edgar Allan Poe is stopping by for a reading of The Raven. (In fact, Hanson has a verse or two written out on her wall-sized chalk board.)

If throwaway, made-you-know-where junk decor is not your thing — and I happen to know it’s not — but you do like the idea of ghost stories, Medieval shabby chic, gilded mad scientist implements, and ominous black birds, check the slideshow here, and then make your way to Park Lane in Kirkland.

And if you get really, really inspired (it’s very possible), consider this: Hanson recently let leak the news that she’s moving to Santa Barbara to pursue interior design and open a vintage and antique shop there.

Liberty 123, and all its tricks and treats, could be yours.


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