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Access: Tiffany & Co.

You’re invited to test drive the new U Village Tiffany & Co concept store

September 3, 2009


Not packing extra socks for a soggy camping trip? Not shopping for waterproof hero rolls for some rainy day picnic? Smart move – you’re staying in the city to avail yourself of long weekend sales and great shopping. Be sure you’ve got University Village on your agenda; the newest storefront belongs to Tiffany & Co, but it’s not exactly Audrey Hepburn’s Tiffany & Co. The 170-year-old brand (!) is opening the second of its new concept stores in your city this weekend.

What could be new about a luxury retailer that deals in diamonds and generations-old bone china patterns? It’s all in the presentation. Check the image here; it’s the first of these new concept stores, in Glendale, California. See, unapproachable locked displays are so last year. Those great Frank Gehry necklaces are shown in open air. Pick one up, give it a try. Take a wood and lacquer Elsa Peretti bangle for a spin.

It’s not that the shop won’t have gorgeous rocks in glass cases or delicate items in higher places, but that wherever and whenever it makes sense, the most approachable, every day items will be, well, approachable, every day.

The idea is that you’ll feel more comfortable in the store, you’ll want to try things on, and everyone – even Tiffany personnel (at the new concept store, they’re encouraged to act as stylists rather than traditional salesfolk) – will become more accustomed to mixing high and low (relatively speaking) and diamonds and gems and silver and gold and everything else.

I’ll be there tonight for a special pre-opening event, and will send out a few tweets to let you know if indeed the party-goers are mixing and matching and trying on those key pendants for size.

Your turn will come any time after the grand opening at 10a.m. Friday Sept 4.

I hope you’ll check back in and let me know what you think.

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