Our Lives in Tee-Shirts

Plus, the local version of the It Tee

August 28, 2009


There’s never been a better time to be a tee-shirt. From designer-centric department stores to neighborhood boutiques, you can’t shop in this town, or any other, without colliding head first with a gang of slouchy, drapey, semi-sheer, jersey slip-overs. Most unisex, or close enough.

And I’m not complaining.

There’s this Helmut Lang specimen at Blackbird, there are a few wonderfully drab shades of the Nation Ltd version at Merge, and Mario’s has a couple by Organics and other vendors.

I don’t know that it matters who started it, but I don’t think it was the economy. After all, prior to all of this, we had that whole Alternative Burnout thing, the Alexander Wang take-over started pre-global collapse, and all those long-sleeve James Perse numbers were way before that.

What matters is that we all seem gung-ho to keep it going. And not just for spring/summer. Again: I’m not complaining. It’s curious though, because on one hand we have retailers telling us that basics don’t sell, and on the other, we’re making cultural and scientific study out of what used to be an undergarment.

I’m studying my newest culturally significant tee-shirt as we speak. It hangs like a dream and feels like cotton blended with liquid silk. The neck is wonderfully wide, and two tiny tucks on the shoulder make lovely folds. I ordered one from Meet Me Here designer Jonas de Varona when we photographed him for our July Style Counsel page. You can see it – Jonas’ version of the It Tee, that is – in action in the slideshow here, or on the Meet Me Here site.

Or, you know, you can meet me for lunch.

In the market for something like this to call your own? You’d be hard pressed not to find something comparable if you’re out and about at all these days, just keep in mind that you can also order from Jonas on Etsy, and thereby feel extra cool knowing your must-have was made by artisan hands in Georgetown.


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