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New ownership at Encanto Barcelona plans to take over the world.

August 3, 2009

Inside Encanto Barcelona on First Ave

There’s a new and very ambitious shop owner in town. But actually, the shop, Encanto Barcelona, isn’t new, and neither is Jimmy—no, uh, last name, thanks—but the relationship between them is.

Jimmy (he’ll allow an “H” in place of the last name, but he wouldn’t let me take his picture) says he’s originally from this area but has been in LA most recently, where he launched and developed a “very successful clothing brand.”

Nope, no details were allowed on that.

Mr. H purchased the First Ave business earlier this summer, and, here’s where things did get specific, he’s planning to open 200 more in the next 36 months.

It’s already started: Jimmy’s in the process of readying a space in Ballard next to La Carta de Oaxaca. This and the remaining 199 shops will also bear the Encanto name.

Bellevue and Portland, you’re up next.

Jimmy says that along with mens and womens denim — and “everything to go with denim” — he’ll be offering what he calls “seductive pricing” — as in, instead of “reductions” his stores will have “seductions.”

I can’t make this stuff up.

Encanto’s new owner compares his buying-and-selling m.o. to that of H&M, Zara, and the like — ie: large quantities purchased at a decent savings and passed on to you with decent — seductive? — savings, too.

Guess it all depends on what turns you on.

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