Three-Way Tie

How will you decide which sale to hit this weekend? You may need to hit them all

July 17, 2009

There are at least three very different and potentially epic ways to spend and save this weekend, and truly, I’m glad I’m not you because I can’t imagine how you’re going to decide which way to go.

Take a look:

1. East Pike Street Sale and Food Drive July 17-19 A slew of your favorite businesses along one of the Hill’s main drags are teaming up to bring you savings—and most of them are also teaming up with Northwest Harvest to gather some much needed supplies. Places like 8 Limbs Yoga Boutique, Veridis Clothier, Stitches, The Feed Bag, City Home Store, and Babeland are all featuring mark-downs, giveaways, and super deals, and many among them are offering extra savings when you give back. For example: at Babeland, a gift donation of five cans of canned food gets you 25% off everything in the store. Add to the mix those vendors who are participating in City Stimulus (you’ve got two more days to get stimulated, folks!), and, well, you can do the feel-good math.

2. Summer Studio Sale at Piano Nobile July 17 & 18 Crafty types might want to plan the last day of their stimulus spending around local artisans and handmade goods. Good thing, then, for Piano Nobile’s summer studio sale. Eight local designers will be on hand to chat about their jewelry, housewares, and accessories, and you can check out the host studio’s gorgeous hand-printed textiles. (As in the above image; Chikabird uses Piano Nobile fabrics to make these great notebooks and journals.) If you’ve got your City Stimulus card, Piano Nobile items will be yours for up to 40% off.

3. And last but not at all least, the 29th annual Shipwreck Day, July 18, in conjunction with What the Heck Fest July 17-19. Way up north (not really, just about an hour and a half away), in my homeland of Anacortes on Fidalgo Island, they shut down most of what might as well be called Main Street for a day so that the townspeople (and, increasingly, enterprising antique and vintage dealers) can drag out their old vinyl records, 70s bell-bottoms, and assorted first-edition Fiestaware. It’s a garage sale unlike any other. Making matters more exciting is What the Heck Fest, a weekend of shows and outdoor jams that’s smaller and more charming than Bumbershoot, Sasquatch, et al. Yep: smaller. Sometimes smaller is better. If you see me at cruising the flea market, say hi—but only if I’m not in the middle of haggling for a good price on some studio pottery or a pair of white cotton Victorian bloomers.

[Logo from Babeland; Chikabird/Piano Nobile image from the Piano Nobile site; Heck Fest image from the Heck Fest site]

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