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Stimulate This, Part II

City Stimulus returns: Bigger, better, and more stimulating

July 7, 2009

Summer City Stimulus dates were announced yesterday; from July 12 through 18 you can spend all over the city with renewed purpose and enjoy great benefits.

Remember last February when things felt really really bad and we talked about taking matters into our own hands? It was a very zeitgeist-y feeling and a very we’re-in-this-together time, and City Stimulus, an organization spearheaded by Shannon Kelly of In Your Head is keeping the love alive.

Here’s the deal:

+ Go to citystimulus.com and sign up for your free, no strings-attached membership card, which will be emailed to you in short order.

+ Get ready to shop, spend, and stimulate. Starting this Sunday, all your favorite shops and many of your favorite eateries will be offering deals, discounts, and giveaways (for a complete list of participating stores, check the locations and offers page)

+ Claim a stamp for each $10 you spend; get ten stamps and gain free entry to the closing party at Havana on July 18.

For more on taking matters into your own hands and spending smart, click back to this post on the 3/50 Project.

[It all feels so old-school doesn’t it? I welcome the vibe. Image courtesy seven minutes of Google image searching.]

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