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Wearing the Good Old Days

Last Waltz returns this weekend with a one-day retro and vintage sale

June 19, 2009


We all shed a tear or two back in March when Cybele Phillips at Last Waltz took her last waltz, but as I noted then, she pledged not to disappear forever.

In recent months, Cybele has been stocking her Etsy store with rescued vintage and supercool retro gear – from Pucci clutches to 70s hostess gowns – and this weekend, she’s returning to the old space for her first post-Last Waltz vintage sale.

The space at 1406 18th Ave is now called Gossamer Collective, but from time to time the new tenants are welcoming Cybele, and her trunks full of yesteryear’s awesomeness, back.

Sunday June 21 from 11-3, vintage clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories and more will be on offer. Cash or check only, folks.

Oh, and what’s up with the image there in the corner? On Tuesday, I hit just about every thrift store on Whidbey Island on my way back from Anacortes, and I wanted to share my two favorite scores.

I never did pony up the bucks for a pair of mens-styled jazz shoes when Capezio-esque oxfords were all the rage back in … oh what was that? Fall 08? I was tempted by many a pair (some still haunt me – these too) so I loved running into that pair of never-worn white shufflers for $4 at the last stop before the ferry dock. I’m thinking they’re from 1987. What do you think?

And that amazing piece of silk-screened canvas they’re resting on? It’s got to be the leftovers of some Langley or Coupeville artist’s 1982 masterpiece. To quote Ms. Zoe, I really died – and it was $.75. Granted, there ain’t much of it, and I’m not at all sure what I’m going to do with it (suggestions gladly accepted——just don’t say cross-body tote bag because surely I’ve already considered that), but at present, it’s truly my favorite thing in the world.

Bottom line: Even hunter-gatherer types like myself like to leave the treasure scavaging to Cybele. She’s got a killer eye for interpreting trends and starting new ones, and for resurrecting the best of the good old days. And, her prices more than fair.

All things considered, I guess that actually, the bottom line ought to be:

Get there early.

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