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Big sale, all month, at Veritables in Madison Valley

May 4, 2009

Sixteen years ago, the home decor, gift, and accessories shop Veritables opened in a Madison Valley house with a sweet little staircase patio at 2816 E Madison Street. Five years later, a second Veritables shop opened four doors to the west, and a year ago, a third opened on Main Street in Bellevue.

And here we are now on the corner of yesterday and the rest of your life, and to consolidate space and resources, the first location, at 2816, is closing.

But not before owner Marie Harris basically liquidates the store. Now through the month of May, everything at the 2816 location is half off. So, 50% off European candles, 50% off stately lamps, 50% off zippered makeup or what-have-you bags, 50% off gift-able bath and beauty products, 50% off serving pieces, 50% off highly charming objets d’art, and 50% off lots more.

All month long.

Those shopping for weddings, birthdays, Mom’s and Dad’s days and the like — or, you know, redecorating the summer home (sorry, I wanted to revisit 2006 for a moment) — would do well to scratch out a reminder on a post-it and nail the note to a refrigerator door.

As of June, you’ll see a renewed abundance of chic home decor and related items at the second and third locations where Veritables will then live, happily ever after.

[images borrowed from Veritables online]

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