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Canceled your gym membership? Run into these shops for top shoes, great guidance, and stylish gear.

By Kristin Okinaka May 22, 2009 Published in the June 2009 issue of Seattle Met


Beginner’s Luck

The three Super Jock ’n Jill alums inside Everyday Athlete are passionate about making dedicated runners out of ordinary folk—in fact, they’re intent on making triathletes out of us. Considering their on-the-street and in-the-water work with charity-driven organizations like Team in Training, they just might do it. By coaching open-water swims (and renting the wet suits you’ll need to dive in) and pounding the pavement alongside newbies, Everyday’s owners are giving endurance and exercise new meaning. Everyday Athlete, 11829 98th Ave NE, Kirkland, 425-821-4301;

Family Run

Stop by Shelby Schenck’s specialty shop for a new pair of kicks and you may end up working out some unexpected kinks. Run 26 keeps two massage therapists on retainer; their key clients are runners and athletes, and when you say “piriformis syndrome” they know just which muscle groups to target. A boon for shoppers: Treatments are scheduled at the shop and given on site. It just so happens that the lead masseur is Schenck’s father; guess wellness runs in the family. Run 26, 3333 184th St SW, Ste E, Lynnwood, 425-771-2626;

Happy Trails

Maybe you’ve already mastered Seattle’s streets. Maybe you’re just not psyched about dodging schoolbuses and stop lights in the name of burning calories. Whatever your motivation to take to the hills, Seattle Running Company best-in-the-city selection of trail running shoes gets you off the beaten track. Literally. Staff members lead weekly expeditions to Cougar and Tiger mountains and beyond, where the traction, protection, and cushion of your new shoes meets rugged, real-world terrain. Seattle Running Company, 911 E Pine St, Capitol Hill, 206-329-1466;

Green Days

All good running-shoe sales­people ask you to demonstrate your skills—even if you’re so new you don’t have any—because your gait and body posture indicate what shoes to try. At Super Jock ’n Jill, a Seattle runner’s go-to spot for more than 30 years, you do this within sprinting distance of Green Lake, the city’s quintessential workout zone. Talk about motivation. Ladies, complete the Jet City picture with workout gear from Seattle-based Oiselle. Super Jock ’n Jill, 7210 E Greenlake Dr N, Greenlake, 206-522-7711;

Neighborhood Watch

Not everyone thinks of Downtown as a neighborhood rich with characters and personalities, but Cindi Raykovich does. At Sound Sports, she sells sprinting and long-distance shoes to city cops, clerks from the Federal Building, and Coast Guard personnel from ships docked nearby. Over 13 years in a mostly nonresidential neighborhood, she’s seen some big changes. Condos go up, stores around her close down, but the hood’s daytimers keep coming back. Sound Sports, 80 Madison St, Downtown, 206-624-6717;

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