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Tim Gunn’s in town—but if you see him, please do not "holla at your boy."

May 8, 2009

Earlier this week I got word that Andrew Burkhardt, a booker at Seattle Models Guild, designer, and all-around great local fashion industry guy, got a call-back for an upcoming season of Project Runway — the original one, ie: the one with Tim and Heidi that’s set to air on Lifetime in August. Andrew is interviewing with Tim Gunn and some of the show’s producers today — somewhere in this finally sunny city of ours.

You can see one of Andrew’s wedding dresses if you watch this Real Wedding slideshow on Seattle Met Bride & Groom’s site.

I had heard that Lizzie Parker, she of the draped jersey knits and brand new eco atelier in Issaquah, also got called for a call-back but I’m not clear on whether or not that was also happening today.

And finally, Merge’s Patricia Wolfkill mentioned that she was asked to help judge today’s auditions. Certainly makes sense. She’s one of those women whose broad knowledge of and experience in fashion (she worked for Donna Karan for years) manifests as completely effortless style.

Do with that information what you will—I suggest keeping your fingers crossed that some worthy and unsnarky soul is selected to rep Seattle on the little screen.

Oh, and please have a gorgeous weekend.

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