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Try not buying online this week

April 20, 2009

Though you wouldn’t know it from Friday’s post or what I’m about to say today, I’m not one of those people who hugs the office manager on Administrative Assistant Day or feels inspired to do extra math equations on Pi Day (yes, it’s a day: March 14 - get it? 3.14). But I heard on KUOW that it’s Turn Off Week — and I figured we might have our own spin on this.

In asking that you at least think about going without your laptop and your iPhone and your television for the rest of the week, the Center for Screen Time Awareness wants you to use technology less, and utilize human communication more. I like it.

If you’re not going online (or if you’re going on less) you probably won’t be buying anything online this week, and I’m thinking, what if you pledged not to buy anything online for the rest of the month?

Maybe you had your eye on some summer sandals or a you’ve been hunting and scrolling for just the right lightweight jacket … fair enough. But try logging off and walking in to a neighborhood shop sometime this month and see if you can’t spend your money at home. Off-line. While interacting with a real person.

Something tells me it’s got to be worth a shot.

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