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Quien es Mas Macho?

Hopefully, my last post ever about Snuggies

April 28, 2009

Remember that Saturday Night Live skit, Quien es mas Macho? (For those of you who have never been to Mexico, and may never go now, considering, that’d be Who is more macho?) It came back to me in an instant this morning when I saw the below image of Jonny Makeup (from the Jak and Jil blog) and remembered the image to the left, of Snuggie Pub Crawl mastermind Sheena Kalso’s husband Jason (a.k.a., it would appear, Snuggie Pimp).

The pub crawl was last weekend, in Ballard, and included 150 blanket-wrapped drinkers setting records and raising beaucoup bucks for charity. They even made it onto CNN for crying out loud. The MisShapes Leigh Lezark (check her out on New York mag’s list of Influential Scensters—ick) and Mr. Makeup were not in Ballard, but, I would guess, Paris.

Never mind who Jonny Makeup is. He’s just one of those insta- Internet celebrities who no one will know anything about come next fall — but what in the hell is he wearing? It’s like some sort of 80s-era Versace Snuggie/hoodie hybrid. Yikes.

Which leads me to this question for you: Quien es Mas Macho, eh?

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