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Snuggie pub crawl benefits Northwest Harvest

April 14, 2009

More about blanket coats— sort of. Seattle party biz wiz and all-around good timer Sheena Kalso is taking everyone’s love-to-hate-’em late-night infomercial ‘blanket coats’ to new highs.

First, there were images of Sheena in her Snuggie on Facebook, and then she showed up Glamour magazine’s blog in the thing, and then we found out that plans are underway to organize an army of Snuggie-wearing drinkers and descend upon the Loft and other Ballard bars on April 24.

Now, let’s be clear on one important matter here: Where What When does not condone the Snuggie. Where What When doesn’t feel good about the fact that Snuggies are sweeping (literally) the nation, and even though Where What When naturally runs cold and whines about it incessantly, Where What When doesn’t consider the Snuggie a viable warming option. I mean, c’mon.

But here’s the thing: Sheena’s Snuggie obsession has heart. Sure, she wants to see hundreds of Snuggie-wearing partiers in Seattle streets, just as Snuggie-wearing partiers have taken to the streets in cities like New York, Chicago, and San Diego, but built into the Seattle Snuggie Crawl game plan are donations of food to Northwest Harvest, and donations of blankets—Snuggies or otherwise—to area homeless shelters.

And that makes a definite fashion don’t into a fashion okay, sure, go ahead.

[Snuggie image courtesy Sheena Kalso]

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